The NSTIN National Webinar for PHAC, delivered February 26, 2015, is now available online in PPT and Audio formats: Family Violence Prevention – Building Trauma Informed Communities / La prévention de la violence familiale – sensibiliser les collectivités aux traumatismes

The Nova Scotia Trauma Informed Network National Introductory Webinar for PHAC, Family Violence Prevention – Building Trauma Informed Communities (2015) develops a community-based approach to Violence and Trauma Informed Prevention.

NSTIN’s workshops and materials developed for PHAC invite participants to deepen their knowledge of how both historical and ongoing violence impacts people’s lives. Trauma is positioned as a strengths-based, embodied response to violence and is explored at

  • personal
  • interpersonal, and
  • systems/structural levels

The workshops show how a plain language, culturally and structurally competent, community based version of Violence and Trauma Informed Prevention can be integrated across supports and services together with the diverse people, families and communities we serve.

Violence and Trauma Informed Prevention is critical for supporting coordinated systems responses to individual, family and community histories of violence and trauma (for example, First Nations experience of residential schooling in Canada) and ongoing experience of violence including unintended structural re-colonization and re-violation, that may be experienced by diverse people even within a “trauma-informed” setting.